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Name Call Contact Area of Interest to Help
Derrick Ouellette KW1A


Wire antennas. Tuners.  radio/ station setup and operating, HT programming, APRS, Digital, in the field operations.
Ivan Shapiro WK1W


Towers, Ham Radio Deluxe, DX,

Initial Selection of radios, Upgrading

Dave Berry KV1S Field Day, JOTA, Wire Antennas, Upgrading
Randy Harper N1NGN Echolink
Jim Cerrato KC5UEQ Vertical Antennas.  Radials
Steve Sandelier N1NXU Cable/connector repair/replacement
 James Jalbert KC1ECV  Baofeng radio programming
CHIRP frequency spreadsheets
Vehicle installations
Russ Woodman K5TUX


Digital modes, computer help, rig interfaces and such
Roy Woods KB1WGN


ARES – RACES – Home Safety