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Florida Hams Make Contact 100 Miles Apart via 10-Meter Repeater… in Switzerland.

When 10 meters is open, amazing things can happen. Lu Romero, W4LT, knows that well. He said, “When 10 is open, I often venture up into the top of the band to see if there is any FM activity. I’ve always liked to use 10 FM, especially when conditions a… […]

WRC-23: Week-2 Update / Future Topics

WRC-23 has reached the halfway point, including progress on 23cm, but then included a raft of meetings over the weekend as well. The latter addressed delays in current proposals, as well as drafting of new proposals for future conferences WRC-27/31 &#8… […]


Bill Crane, W9ZN, passed on October 26, 2023 . He was 84. You could often hear his booming signal on the CW bands, and I was fortunate to work him many times. He was a great operator and had a very distinctive way of calling CQ call. His call often included his attention-getting BENS BEST […]

The post W9ZN SK first appeared on KB6NU’s Ham Radio Blog.


ARRL Advocacy Win: FCC Approves Request for Pearl Harbor Day Crossband Operations

ARRL The National Association for Amateur Radio® sought a waiver on behalf of the activators, and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has granted it. The waiver allows amateur radio operators to participate in a special event commemorating the… […]

The K7RA Solar Update

“GEOMAGNETIC DISTURBANCE WARNING 23/74 ISSUED AT 2321UT/29 NOVEMBER 2023 BY THE AUSTRALIAN SPACE WEATHER FORECASTING CENTRE. “Several CMEs are expected to impact Earth over 30 Nov and 01 Dec. Two CMEs were observed on 27 Nov that were expected to arriv… […]