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GB2RS News Script for 26 March 2023

Tap or click the link below to download this week’s GB2RS news script GB2RS News Script for 26 March 2023 (22-page/495KB Microsoft Word document) Problems downloading the GB2RS news script? Try this alternative link […]

RSGB Elections

If you are an RSGB Member, don’t forget to vote for the two candidates that you would like to see as Board Directors for the next two years. You can find out more about each of them on the RSGB website at There is a link at t… […]

Also in GB2RS this week…

A group of radio amateurs in Jersey will be using special event callsign GB3KCJ as part of the Coronation celebrations. An opportunity exists for groups in each of the UK nations who have a regional secondary locator, and the Crown Dependencies, to app… […]

Rallies and Events News – 26 March 2023

The Hack Green Military Surplus and Military Radio Hanger Sale will take place on Sunday 2 April. The venue will be Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker, Nantwich, Cheshire CW5 8AL. The sale will include electronic equipment, amateur gear, components, mili… […]

The K7RA Solar Update

Sunspot numbers were lower again this week, with the averagedeclining from 143.6 two weeks ago to 118.7 last week and now 68this week. Average daily solar flux sank 8 points from 153.6 lastweek to 145.6.Six new sunspot groups emerged over the week, one… […]