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March 2021 AARA Newsletter

The March 2021 AARA Newsletter

The Aroostook Amateur Radio Association           March 1, 2021


February 4, 2021,  Zoom Meeting


Attending:    14 members

Roy Woods KB1WGN                               

Steve Sandelier – N1NXU

George Hurteau  KC1KUP                        

Nelson Ketch – K1ANK – Zoom

Steven Vance W1SPV                                

John Hotelling – KC1DRW

Jim Cerrato KC5UEQ                                  

Lee Reynolds – KD1SQ

Sonny Packard K1VOR                               

Bill Johnson – K1WLJ

James Jalbert KC1ECV                                

Sam Barrett – W5KF                                   

Mike Lawler – K0LDO – Brunswick, Me

Seth Thomas – KC1MTT

Meeting called to order by Pres James Jalbert at 1830.

Welcome and Intro’s were done. 

Financial Report:  Steve Sandelier gave report of – $3,959.20 – voted on and accepted

Minutes of January 7, 2021 zoom meeting were accepted as printed


Roy Woods reported that the team had a Zoom meeting in January and had a great turnout.  Our training was Weather Spotter training by the NWS in Caribou.

We have started our Weather and Buy and Sell Net’s on the 3rd Tuesday of each month @ 8pm.  Everyone is welcome to take part.  Our next ARES meeting will be Feb 20th, 2021 on Zoom.  We continue to do radio testing at the NWS and hospitals and County EMA.  We are always looking for new ARES Team members.  Just call Roy @ 492-7532.

Public Relations:

 Seth reported he was working with Roy to list future Ham Radio testing dates and  he will be working on publishing club events in the new year. All members need to help by giving Seth information and ideas such as ham radio events, member special event, meeting reminders for interested public looking to get into ham radio and hamfests and news articles like new equipment someone just got.  Call Seth at 435-6528.

President’s Report:

1.  James stated that meeting presentations would start up again when we can

meet in person again.  We are always looking for more presentations for our     meetings.

2.  Need a new Secretary for the Club.  Anyone interested, call James Jalbert @ 227-0409.                                         

3.  James requested a Nomination Committee be formed for the March meeting.

 Sam Barrett will chair the committee and give a report next meeting.

Old Business:

1.  WE are still having issues with the repeater move and are working on the Issues.  More to come

2.  Field Day –  Jim Cerrato reported that he would pick a committee to help him with Field Day and a location on June 26 & 27th, 2021. 

Discussion on location and insurance issues were heard.  Jim will continue to work on this event and report back to the club at the March meeting.

New Business:

1.  Roy Woods recommended the club get a list of new ham members and work together to get them into the club and it’s activities.  Roy will work on this idea and would welcome any help.  More in March meeting

2.  Steve Sandelier recommended that those who paid the 2020 Club dues be credited for the 2021 year.  Those who did not pay in 2020, still need to pay to continue being on the club roster and get newsletters.  Vote was taken and approved.

3.   We had a long discussion on adding repeaters in the future to get more of Aroostook County into the club and expand our 2 meter coverage area. 

James Jalbert will work with a few others and come up with a cost estimate

to link via internet or RF linkage.

Meeting was adjourned at 2030.

Respectfully Submitted: 

Roy Woods KB1WGN

Coming Events:

Mondays 0830 coffee @ DD in Caribou

Mondays 2000 Aroostook Emergency Net 146.730

March 4th. AARA meeting on zoom at 6:30PM.

AARA meeting:

The March meeting of AROOSTOOK AMATEUR RADIO ASSOCIATION will be held remote through zoom, same link as last.  We would normally have pizza following the vote for officers however since we’ll be meeting via Zoom, you’ll have to bring your own pizza.

This link will stay the same through June 2021

2021 AARA dues: As mentioned in the minutes from the February meeting we decided to forego the dues for this year for those who paid last year.  Go to our website,, and look at the membership list.  If there is an asterisk (*) after your name that would show that you’re paid up for the year.  If there isn’t one then I do not show that you paid last year and would appreciate  you sending me your dues. ($20)

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