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Also in GB2RS this week

Videos of the talks at the recent British Amateur Television Club Convention are now available on YouTube.  Among the many talks are Receiving and Presenting HamTV from the ISS by Noel, G8GTZ, VHF/UHF Propagation by Mike, G0MJW and A Practical Operators Guide to 146MHz Reduced Bandwidth TV by Shaun, G8VPG. As many listeners will know […] […]

UK 47 GHz Amateur Radio

This briefing paper was created in response to questions from Ofcom as part of the preparations for WRC-19 Agenda Item 1.13 for identifying bands in the 24.25-86 GHz range for IMT-2020 (5G Mobile Broadband) RSGB 47 GHz Brief, August 2016   […]