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AARA October Newsletter

The October 2020 AARA Newsletter

The Aroostook Amateur Radio Association   September 29, 2020

AARA September 3, 2020

Knights of Columbus, Caribou Maine


            David Deschesne, KB1EBG

            Roy Woods, KB1WGN

            James Jalbert, KB1ECV

            Tammy Deschesne, KB1IGV

            Steve Sandelier, N1NXU

            Sam Barrett, W5KF

            Seth Thomas, KC1MTT

via Zoom

            Mike Lawler, K0LDO

            Alan, KR0ZAL

            Bill Johnson, K1WLJ

            Ivan Shapiro, WK1W

            Joan Shapiro, W9RLH

            Russ Woodman, K5TUX

            Dave Berry, KV1S

            Art, KC1THZ

            Sonny Packard, K1VOR

Call to Order:   18:30


Treasurer’s Report:  Since June meeting, spent $350 reimbursing Sonny for power amplifier that was given to us and didn’t work.  Deposited $40 in dues from PayPal.  End of July 21 cents interest.  End Aug 20 cents interest. $4635.18 in bank.  $49.00 cash on hand. Mike moved to accept. Sam second. Passed all unanimous.

Secretary’s Report:  Minutes from last meeting emailed.  Motion to accept.  Moved Roy, Second Ivan.  Passed all unanimous

EMCOM:  Roy W. did a report for email.  Last meeting was on map reading.  Jim Cerrato provided lesson.  Continue to do hospital, EOC radio checks.  Weather bureau has been calling theirs in.  Going to try to get back into that shortly.  Will be sending out a request for volunteers.  Last time did radio check found power supply at TAMC was not operational; got it replaced.  Got good communication system among the four hospitals.  Planning meeting on Thursday.  Anyone interested in helping out, let Roy know.  Will be doing planning for the end of this year and coming year.  October there will be a statewide simulated emergency test (SET).  We’re going to get involved in that, assigning everyone to different work stations -i.e. hospital, EOC, etc. ARES open to anybody with amateur radio license.

Field Day: Will check with Jim

Public Information:  Seth  sent out Field Day letter. 

Safety Officer: Tammy.  Keeping track of interference on repeater. 


            – Welcome everyone back both in person and zoom.  Hopefully be back on normal routine next month.  Steve Vance said library may be open, they’ll be making decision soon.

            – We’re still looking for presentations.  Steve, W1SPV, Linux in Ham Shack.  Wait until we get back in the library in January or February to start presentations.

Old Business: 

            – From email Tammy received two days Feb., 1 March, 1 June interference on the repeater – seven additional instances besides the dates mentioned.  Now hearing more interference on County Sheriff 155.100.  Roy will have Darren talk to Sheriff office about their thoughts on interference.  James asked for any interest in  Reaching out to Fort Kent club to do Fox Hunt.  

            – Still looking over the insurance policy, Roy’s working on setting up meeting with insurance agent.  If anyone has questions on insurance, email James or Roy with questions and will ask the agent.  We don’t really know what we’re covered for at this point.

            – Repeater lease agreement between ARES and AARA on hold.  Probably an hour’s more of work at the weather station to put antenna up and make the location ready to receive the repeater.

New Business: 

            – Zoom license.  James wants to see about how the club feels about getting a Zoom license.  Past few meetings, James purchased license.  $14.99 per month or $150 per year.  Mike Lawler moved to acquire zoom license.  Sam seconded.  pass unanimous

            – Sam moved to reimburse James for past Zoom licenses he purchased for club meetings. Roy second.  Pass unanimous James abstained.

            –  Field day.  This year’s was different.  Not the field day we were all used to.  It was basically everyone stayed home for field day and met over Zoom.  Hopefully next year, back to normal on Field Day.  Would like to try to make Field Day a public event again.  Try to get people interested in seeing what we have to do.  Would like Jim Cerrato to be involved in the conversation before we put it out for a vote.  James would like everyone to start thinking about locations we could meet at.  Ivan noted how we wanted to be more visible.  Not visible at UMPI, Northlakes or Fairgrounds.  Perhaps US 1 in Presque Isle.

            – Roy.  We want to do another Ham test in mid-October.  In Fort Kent we did a 8 hour review then had the test.  Want to do similar event in Presque Isle.  Micmacs have expressed an interest in hosting the location.  

Motion to adjourn Tammy Seth second.  Passed unanimous.

Respectively submitted,

David Deschesne, KB1EBG

AARA Secretary

Coming Events:

Mondays 2000 Aroostook Emergency Net 146.730

October 1st. AARA meeting

AARA meeting:

Next AARA meeting:
October 1 meeting will be held at the PI library. You will need masks to get in.  The meeting will start at 6:30.  The meeting will also be available on Zoom at this link:

This link will stay the same through June 2021.

November 7 Ham Class
Micmac Building
1 Sandra McDonald PI s
2 Jon Cote PI j
3 Berniece Perry PI b
4 Cory Tilley PI c
5 Norma
PI n
6 Ray York PI r
7 Racquel Bergeron PI r
8 Chandler Drost PI w
9 Joesinis
10 James
Limestone m
11 Richard
PI r
12 Crystal
PI c
13 James
14 Travis
15 Sam
16 Roy
17 Dave
18 Steve
19 George

Darren R. Woods, Director

Aroostook County Emergency Management

Fire Chief – North Lakes Fire & Rescue

158 Sweden Street

Caribou, Maine 04736

Office Phone:  207-493-4328

Direct Line:  207-493-6324

FAX:       207-493-4357



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