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AARA June Newsletter

The June 2020 AARA Newsletter

The Aroostook Amateur Radio Association             June 2, 2020

The Aroostook Amateur Radio Association
Virtual Club Meeting (via Adobe Connect)May 07, 2020:
Virtual Meeting Attendance (via Adobe Connect):

Dave Deschesne; not present – Seth Thomas covering minutes

Meeting called to Order @ 18:40 Eastern Daylight Time

Name Callsign

James Jalbert KC1ECV

Roy Woods KB1WGN

Sam Barrett W5KF

Bill Johnson K1WLJ

David Berry KV1S

Seth Thomas KC1MTT

Steve Sandelier N1NXU

John Hotelling KC1DRW

Mike Lawler K0LDO

Lee Reynolds KD1SQ

Arthur Day KC1LHZ

Steve Vance W1SPV

Russ Woodman K5TUX


James made normal introductions and opened the table for introductions by various members. 

Treasurer’s Report (Steve):  There were receipts for dues directly of $320, with $40 via PayPal that were deposited.  James was reimbursed for the award plaques for $50.  End of month total was $4,944.35
[Bill made motion; Dave seconded – all accepted unanimously]

Secretary’s Report:  James asked if report had been received and this was confirmed. 
[Bill made motion; Dave seconded – all accepted unanimously]

EMCOMM/ARES Report (Roy): No written report again this month as activities are still extremely limited with the COVID-19 situation.  NWS is currently doing their own radio testing, all others holding-off on testing for now.

Field Day: Jim not present; no report.  Waiting to see what will happen related to field day.  James made the comment that by next month’s meeting it will be important to make a decision on field day and what options might be possible.  Options could include a home-based field day, or a smaller concept field day, or some type of hybrid setup.  Location could be OK still, however, we will need to look at possible attendance levels and come up with alternatives based on multiple factors. 

Safety Officer (Tammy): Not present/no information. 

Public Information (Dina):  Not present/no information. 


New Member Application for consideration.  Lee ReynoldsKD1SQ; has submitted new application and $20 in dues for the club.  Has been a HAM since 1975.  Plays around a lot with digital modes and is working through a hotspot in the house working with DMR and D-Star. 
[Seth made motion; Dave seconded – vote passed unanimously]

Lee, welcome aboard to AARA.  He will be added to the mailing list, website, etc. 

Repeater interference
continues.  James, Roy, Seth, Tammy, others have all heard various instances of the interference on the repeater.  James would like to perhaps do a summer fox hunt as an activity and to get this figured out.  Would also suggest that we invite Ft. Kent to also participate.  James only hears this on the output. 

Seth and Bill made the comment that it is also quite strong in Oxbow.  Dave noted that Bryan, K1BQY did not hear it on the repeater input, nor did James.  Could be that this is originating somewhere in-between, or with a very strong radio setup. 

Repeater lease on hold until moved up to the weather service; likely will not be until spring and until the entire COVID-19 situation is done.  No change. 

Insurance Agent Meeting: Reminder that any of the members come up with any additional questions, etc. at this point.  Still none received.  Please send to Roy/James via email for the meeting. 


  • James does not have anything new, no program.
  • Roy was at Ft. Kent meeting, and they expressed that they would like to put on a joint testing between the two clubs, and Darius Haskell so that this would not cost anything to any of the people coming.  This would be a technician level class @ North Lakes Fire in Madawaska Lake, and after the class there would be a testing session afterward. 
    • Dave offered to help with the class as needed. 
    • License testing will be for any level. 
    • June 20th is the date for the class and testing; likely from 08:00 – 16:00 (all day)
    • This is the weekend before field day. 
  • WeatherNET directly following this meeting

[Steve made motion to adjourn; Roy seconded – motion carried.]

Next AARA meeting:
James will advise about how the next meeting will transpire closer to the date.  The next meeting of the AARA is scheduled for June4th at 18:30 Eastern Time. 
Contact James if you have any questions –

Coming Events:

Mondays 2000 Aroostook Emergency Net 146.730

June 4th. AARA meeting via Zoom.

AARA meeting:

James Jalbert is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: James Jalbert’s Zoom Meeting
Time: Jun 4, 2020 06:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 724 225 2877
Password: 9wddaS

If you need to install zoom, you can visit to download it, or if you are running an ipad/iphone it can be downloaded from the app store, and if on Android, you will need to go to Google Play store

See everyone on Thursday at 18:30(6:30pm)

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