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AARA March Newsletter

The March 2020 AARA Newsletter

The Aroostook Amateur Radio Association              March1, 2020

AARA February 13, 2020


            David Deschesne, KB1EBG

Steve Vance, W1SPV

            Roy Woods, KB1WGN

            James Jalbert, KC1ECV

            Tammy Deschesne, KB1IGV

            Seth Thomas, associate member

            Bill Johnson, K1WLJ

            Sonny Packard, K1VOR

            Jim Cerrato, KC5UEQ

            Steve Sandelier, N1NXU

            Dina Harding, KC1ECW

            Colton Harding, KC1ECX

Call to Order:   18:25


Treasurer’s Report:  Earned Interest 42 cents in January.  Balance end of Jan.  $4,906.09

Moved to accept Roy W, Second Steve V.

Secretary’s Report:  Accept Tammy D, second Jim

EMCOM:  Roy W.:  ARES took part in SKYWARN event at Weather Bureau on Pearl Harbor Day.  20+ contacts.  WB very good to us. Good relations with.  Continuing monthly radio checks at hospitals.  Houlton up and running.  Mars Hill, as well.  Can relay Houlton to Fort Kent via simplex.  All can hit repeater.  Been approached by Cary to help connect their health care facility in Van Buren.

Field Day:   Jim:  Nothing new to report. 

Public Information:  Deanna has three AARA flyers: Grave’s S&S; Save a Lot; Mardens break room.  Will put up in more locations. 

Safety Officer:  Nothing to Report


            – If anyone has ideas for presentation, let James know.  Doesn’t have to be Ham radio            related.

Old Business: 

            –  Repeater interference.  Not so much lately.  Instigator seems to be transmitting on the         Club repeater’s output frequency, it is not going through the repeater.  From now until       April, all who monitor repeater, take notes of Times/Days get info to Tammy D to         compile data.

            – Need to compile inventory list of club equipment.

            – Insurance Policy:  James looked it over.  Roy is going to look it over.  If anyone has questions on policy, contact James or Roy. 

            – James has reworded lease for repeater to ARES.

New Business: 

Two applications for new members:

Roger Stairs, N1PX

Jane Stairs, KC1MLN

Roy moved Jim Seconded.  Passed Unanimous.

– Darren at EOC has asked if anyone in club interested in conducting Amateur Radio class.   Jim C. volunteered to help conduct class.   Tammy moved to support doing the classes.  Roy seconded.  Motion passed.   Passed unanimous

– Need nomination committee for new officers.  Looking to membership to come up with names of those interested in taking on an office in the club.  Roy moved to send email to the membership asking for nominating committee or nominee. Tammy seconded.  Passed unanimous.

– Roy W. moved to start a swap/sell list for ham radio equipment on a local 2M net.  Anyone with equipment for sale, send info to Sonny.  He will compile.  Tammy seconded.  Passed unanimous.

Jim C. won 50/50 draw, donated back to the club.

Jim C. gave presentation on compass reading.

– Meeting Adjourned: Dave moved to adjourn.  Tammy second passed unanimous.  Motion adjourned  20:10.

Coming Events:

Mondays 0830 coffee @ DD in Caribou

Mondays 2000 Aroostook Emergency Net 146.730

Saturdays Breakfast DD in P. I. @ 0830 at Wal-Mart

Thursdays coffee/breakfast at Teresa’s in PI, 8:45

March 5th. AARA meeting.

AARA meeting:

The March meeting of AROOSTOOK AMATEUR RADIO ASSOCIATION will be held on Thursday,  March 5th. at 6:30 PM at the Presque Isle, Maine, Library, located at Second and State Streets , Presque Isle.

We will be conducting elections at this meeting and the club will provide pizza and soda after a short business meeting.

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