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AARA April Newsletter

The April 2020 AARA Newsletter

The Aroostook Amateur Radio Association          March 29, 2020

AARA March 5, 2020


            David Deschesne, KB1EBG
            Roy Woods, KB1WGN
            James Jalbert, KB1ECV
            Steve Vance, W1SPV
            Tammy Deschesne, KB1IGV
            George Hurteau, KC1KUP
            Dwayne Dow, N1WRX
            Lynn Dow, N1WRY
            Sam Barrett, W5KF
            Sonny Packard, K1VOR
            Dina Harding, KC1ECW
            Colton Harding, KC1ECX
            Arthur Day, KC1LHZ
           Seth Thomas, KC1MTT
            Jan Stairs, KC1MCN
            Roger Stairs, N1PX
            David Berry, KV1S
            Bill Johnson, K1WLJ

Call to Order:   18:30


Treasurer’s Report:  Current balance with new interest $4,540.45 Tammy moved to accept. Jim Cerrato second. all unanimous.

Secretary’s Report:  Moved to accept by Tammy, Dina said her name spelling to be corrected.  Bill seconded.  all unanimous

EMCOM:  Roy W.:  ARES met Feb 15.  Program on map reading.  All members took part.  Checked over Go Kits, discussed ideas about what to have in them.  Weather nets will be done every other week on Thursday at 7pm.  Next meeting March 21 at County EOC in Caribou.  Good size drill for that day.  Need all members present if at all possible.  ARES team open to anyone.  Free of charge. 

Field Day:   Nothing new to report. 

Public Information:  Dina reports Tammy made new fliers for club.  Look good.  In color.

Nominating Committee Report:

2020 Officer suggestions

-James , President

-Roy Woods, Vice President

-Steve Sandelier, Treasurer

-David Deschesne, Secretary

-Tammy, Safety Officer

-Bill Johnson, Tech Adviser

– – vacant – Asst. Tech Adviser

-Dina, Public Information Officer (likely will be relocating in June or soon thereafter).

Respectfully submitted by Sam Barrett


– Steve Vance presentation Linux in ham shack pushed ahead until May.

            – Maine Amateur Radio Foundation starting up.   Don’t have all the info on that yet.  George Jones will be at next meeting to present on the Foundation. 

Old Business: 

            – Repeater interference.  Tammy’s only heard a couple reports.  Sonny said, it’s been pretty quiet this past month. Continue to monitor. 

            – Swap & sell net on club repeater once a month.  Sonny is coordinating. Third Tuesday of the month 7pm.

New Business: 

– Election of Officers

   James went down list asking for further nominations for officers.

   Roy moved nominations cease, Sam Seconded. passed unanimous

   Roy moved to accept nominations as presented by the committee, second by George.  2020 officers Approved unanimous

– Roy and James will be meeting with insurance company to ask questions about the club’s insurance policy.  If anyone has questions about the policy get in touch with Roy

– Testing for Amateur licensing on March 6 at the P.I. Library 4:30pm

– Dina.  Can take group picture of everyone present.

– Plaques presented to Sam Barrett (20 year plaque for Treasurer) and Ivan Shapiro in abstentia for 8 years service as club President.

 – Dina wants to look into promoting Ham radio through Katahdin Trust Company’s radio promoting program.  Moved to accept by Dave B.  Second by: George.  Passed unanimous

– Bill Moved  to set up booth at Business Expo in Fort Fairfield Sept. 12.  Dave Second.  Approved unanimous.

Motion to adjourn by Dave second by Tammy. Passed unanimous.

Coming Events:

Mondays 2000 Aroostook Emergency Net 146.730

April 2nd. AARA meeting via Adobe Connect.

AARA meeting:

The Aril meeting of AROOSTOOK AMATEUR RADIO ASSOCIATION will be held on Thursday,  April 2nd. at 6:30 PM via Adobe Connect: Use the following link to attend the April meeting:

Contact James if  you have any questions.

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