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AARA January Newsletter

The January 2020 AARA

The Aroostook Amateur Radio Association             January 1, 2020

December 5, 2019


 Roy Woods KB1WGN,
 Jason Chasse KC1HLA
 Dave Berry KV1S
 Steven Vance W1SPV
 Jim Cerrato KC5UEQ
 Sonny Packard K1VOR
James Jalbert KC1ECV
Monique Cormier (friend of James)
John Davis ????
Dina Harding KC1ECW

Meeting called to order by Pres James Jalbert at 1835.

Welcome and Intro’s were done.  Very small attendance.

Minutes – Approved with request to add James Jalbert to the November minutes attendance.

Treasurer’s report:  Written report from S. Sandelier – Starting Balance $5,329.79

Interest $ .44, Ending Balance $5330.23

EMCOMM –  Roy gave written report and told group about the Skywarn program and asked for help.  Always looking for new team members

Field Day –    Jim C. stated Field Day would be at his home and explained some of the activities.  More to come.

PIO – No report

Safety Officer –  No issues

Presidents Report – Need presentations.

Talked about linking our repeater and Ft Kent’s – Getting the costs.       
Talked about Coop meeting with Ft Kent Officers – Doing quarterly.

Talked about membership dues between the two clubs.  Issue was tabled.

Jim Cerrato resigned as PIO.  Roy made motion for Dina Harding to take over for now.  Seconded and all approved. 

Old Business:

Dave Berry talked about the problem of unauthorized clicking of mike and other noises again.  Talked about buying a signal locator or building one to help locate this issue.  After much discussion, a few members said they would look into building one and issue was tabled until January meeting.

New Business:
New member requests – John Davis filled out application and explained past history with ham radio.  Motion made and seconded to approve membership pending dues payment to S. Sandelier.  Side note: John emailed Treasurer that he was heading back to Florida the next day.
Got insurance bill for the club and after much discussion, motion made to pay current bill but to look into what is covered and to see if we have a written copy of the policy.
Written agreement was presented to group about  transferring repeater to ARES Team. Many changes were noted and issue was tabled to allow more time to work on the written agreement.
Because of the small group, members voted to table the presentation for the night and do refreshments.  Presentation will be moved to another date.

Meeting adjourned at 2015.
Respectfully Submitted: 
Roy Woods KB1WGN

Coming Events:

Mondays 0830 coffee @ DD in Caribou
Mondays 2000 Aroostook Emergency Net 146.730
Saturdays Breakfast McD’s in P. I. @ 0830
Thursdays coffee/breakfast at Teresa’s in PI, 8:45
January 2nd. AARA meeting.

AARA meeting:
The January meeting of AROOSTOOK AMATEUR RADIO ASSOCIATION will be held on Thursday, 
January 2nd. at 6:30 PM at the Presque Isle, Maine, Library, located at Second and State Streets , Presque Isle.

The meeting program will be provided by Dave Berry.  He will be doing a presentation on a car antenna setup
for directional finding.

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