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AARA October 2019 Newsletter

October AARA Newsletter

The Aroostook Amateur Radio Association      September 29, 2019

                 AARA  Sept. 5, 2019


     Tammy Deschesne, KB1IGV; 

     Steve Vance, W1SPV

     Bill Johnson, K1WLJ; 

     Roy Woods, KB1WGN

     Steve Sandelier, N1NXU; 

     James Jalbert,  KC1ECV

     Don Powers, KC1GMM; 

     Robert Garrett, Visitor

     Seth Thomas, Visitor; 

     Bryan Lennon, K1BQY

     Sam Barrett, W5KF; 

     Dina Harding, KC1ECW

     Dave Berry, KV1S

Call to Order: 1830


Treasurer’s Report: $4,197, interest of $0.38 for August, interest of $0.36 for June.  June deposit $28.00 from dues & 50/50; paid out  $241 Field Day; $219.40 Roy for tent. Motion to accept Treasurer’s report Roy, Don.  Secretary’s Report:  motion to accept minutes as posted. Motion by Sam, Don , all in favor.

 Interference with our repeater, some last evening.

EMCOM – Weather Net on Tuesdays at 7pm.  This goes on a log sheet. The Weather Service does not know what goes on below 300 feet.  On our repeater. Every other Tuesday.. Suggest to change it to Thursdays.

ARES meeting Sept. 21, at Madawaska Lake Fire Station 9am – 11am

Trying new antennas and tower.   Ham Fest in Hermon. Team Leaders.  Our Team is a couple years ahead of other teams in state.  Houlton Fair on July 6. Handed out materials. Met some ham operators.

Checking hospital radios on a monthly basis.

 Field Day:  Red Hot Dogs,  brown hotdogs,  Bryan made 6 digital contacts. Great social.

Safety Officer Tammy, Field Day went well without any issues

PRESIDENT’S REPORT:  Apology for lack of communication due to work and family being busy.  Always need topics for presentation at meetings.

Ways to promote the club and get new membership.  Schedule Monday night net

Old Business:

Moving club repeater to National Weather Service. NWS will supply us with a building, heated. and back-up power.  Cost is taking the other one down.  Problems with the Federal Government? Working on checking on Federal Gov. issue with this. Have to go ahead to move the repeater. Roy will push hard on this, and get it in writing.

Anyone interested in taking down a tower. 60ft tower.

Motion to purchase a new antenna- Sam, Bryan;  Steve- Pending the approval move of repeater we will then motion to purchase antenna. motion to pend the purchase Sam,  Bryan  Price option to executive committee.  

Connection to Island Falls Repeater  GONE  Connection to Fort Kent Repeater??? waiting for maps.   State does not have a state wide radio link

Wilburn Scott received award of 35 years of cw from the Pine Tree Net.  Echo Link is down but going up!

 Coffee Break, Pass out 50/50 tickets

New Business: Signs to promote club:

Dina H. Promoting club to the schools. Taking out an ad in the yearbooks.

Adult Ed Program offer class.  Email James with information. Will look at the information at next meeting.

Meeting time at 630. Motion Sam, and Steve to keep meeting at 630 first Thursday night of every month. All in favor.

Robert and Seth put in applications. Associate Members. Robert motion to accept as a member. Motion to accept-Tammy, Dina; Seth motion to accept as a member. Motion by  Dina, Roy All in favor.

Meeting Adjourned:  20:00  All in Favor

Respectfully submitted,

Tammy Deschesne, KB1IGV,

for AARA Secretary

Coming Events:

Mondays 0830 coffee @ Tim Horton’s in Caribou

Mondays 2000 Aroostook Emergency Net 146.730

Saturdays Breakfast Tim Horton’s P. I. @ 0830

Thursdays coffee/breakfast at Teresa’s in PI, 8:45

October 3rd. AARA meeting.

October 19th. AARA Harvest Supper

AARA meeting:

The October meeting of AROOSTOOK AMATEUR RADIO ASSOCIATION will be held on Thursday,  October 3rd. at 6:30 PM at the Presque Isle, Maine, Library, located at Second and State Streets , Presque Isle.

The meeting program will be provided by Roy, KB1WGN.  ” Carbon Monoxide – The Silent Killer!”

AARA Harvest Supper:

The AARA Harvest Supper will be held on Saturday October 19 this year.   Please put it on your calendar and plan on being there.  It will be held at the Dunntown Church in Wade.  If you need directions, email me. 

We will meet by 5:30PM and hopefully eat around 6:00.  It will be a pot luck dinner.   So bring a covered dish to pass.

Don’t forget your place settings and something to drink if you want something other than coffee.  

We will also have a Chinese auction so gather up your unused items, magazines, VHS & DVD’s, or other items etc and donate them to the cause.

We are planning on having a door prize from the list of items from KA1B that didn’t get any bids.

We hope to see you there. 


We’ve had some ham equipment donated to the AARA by KA1B, Frederick Bowker, in Fort Fairfield who is moving to Saco. His wish is that we sell it and put the money in the club treasury . KC5UEQ is storing it in his barn.  N1NXU sent out an email listing some of the equipment and asked for bids that will end at the October meeting

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