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December 2018 AARA Newsletter

The December 2018 AARA


The Aroostook Amateur Radio Association

                                                                  December 2, 2018



AARA  November 1, 2018


            David Deschesne, KB1EBG

Ivan Shapiro, WK1W

Joan Shapiro, W9RLH

Tammy Deschesne, KB1IGV

Sonny Packard, K1VOR

Bill Johnson, KC1WLJ

Steve Sandelier, N1NXU

Jason Chasse, KC1HLA

Colton Harding, KC1ECX

Dina Harding, KC1ECW

Roy Woods, KB1WGN

Michelle Sandelier, XYL

Dave Berry, KV1S


Call to Order:  18:30

Introduction of members and guests

Treasurer’s Report:  Deposit of $60 dues.  $29 Chinese auction.  36 cents interest, balance $4,195.87  moved Tammy second Colton

Secretary’s Report: Approval of minutes moved by Tammy, second by Steve.  passed unanimous 

EMCOM –  ARES team had annual emergency simulation test last Saturday. 12 people attended.  Good comments on drill.  Weather net starts this coming Monday.  Will start right after regular net, every other week.  Still doing monthly radio checks at local hospitals and EOC everything up and running fine.

Field Day:  Michelle needs to discuss dates with Northern Maine Fairgrounds since there might be a conflict in scheduling with the Fair’s proposed new dates.  Roy suggested perhaps do field day at someone’s house with family picnic.  As far as spending the night, there’s usually only 3 people.  That committee needs to decide which way to go and get back with a recommendation.  The club is not really into Field Day for the points and most people don’t stay overnight, so a private get-together “field day” could end after.  Michelle needs to know from club which way to go before she approaches the fair.  Ivan would like to run proposal by entire membership.


Public Information Officer:  Not in attendance.

 Officer Recruitment:  Ivan in contact with Sam B. regarding his inquiry on new officers.  Very few responses.  Perhaps four or five willing, but don’t know much more.  Others are unable due to work commitments.  When Sam returns he’ll give club an update.  Anybody interested in being President, talk to Ivan and see what’s involved.


Boyd Spencer, public safety officer, moved to West Virginia.  Will need nomination for new Public Safety Officer.

Need topics for presentations at club meetings.

Would like someone in club to start YouTube channel to post videos that may be produced from the club functions.  Need someone capable and can stick with out.  Jason said he can start and maintain the channel once a video is produced.

New Business: Nomination/volunteer for Public Safety Officer.  Tammy has volunteered for PSO position.  Ivan will send out notice to club via e-mail and report back next month.

Old Business: none

Meeting Adjourned:  Motion to adjourn Tammy second Bill.  Motion pass unanimous.  Adjourned 18:51.

Yummy refreshments and coffee thanks to Joan the coffee lady.

Presentation by Ivan “Hams Avoiding Scams”

Respectfully submitted,

David Deschesne, KB1EBG, AARA Secretary


Coming Events:

Mondays 0830 coffee @ Tim Horton’s in PI

Mondays 2000 Aroostook Emergency Net 146.730

Saturdays Breakfast Tim Horton’s P. I. @ 0830

Thursdays coffee/breakfast at Teresa’s in PI, 8:45

December 6 at 6:30 PM AARA meeting.

AARA Christmas Party: December 15th.

AARA meeting:

The AARA monthly meeting will be this coming Thursday, December 6.

Where: Presque Isle Library: 2nd & State Streets, Presque Isle, Maine.

Time 6:30 PM EST. (18:30

The program: “Amateur Radio Relevance in a Changing World”

Presented by Tammy Deschesne KB1IGV.


Deep Woods Christmas

Come join us for the AARA Annual Christmas Party

December 15th, 2018 at 6:30 pm

Hosted by Jim and Margo Cerrato at the Cerrato Family Ranch

303 Van Buren Rd, Caribou, Maine

Everyone is invited to wear their favorite flannel shirts, woolly sox, overalls or jeans and long johns; there will be a Bon Fire!

Bring a covered dish to share and a wrapped $10 gift for the Yankee Swap

We are having a cookie swap so bake enough to have a platter to share and a  couple dozen to swap with others to take home!


Starting from Griffiths Ford dealership  in Caribou, head North 1.8 miles  on the Van Buren Road (US1) around the hospital traffic circle and past the VFW and under the 161 overpass.  Just a few yards past the overpass is the driveway on the right. Look for the  address  sign on your right.  You cannot see the house from the road.  It is about 1/4 mile up the driveway to the house. There is plenty of parking.

Drive carefully!

See you there!


Please RSVP to N1NXU email.



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