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AARA November 2018 Newsletter

                                              The November 2018 AARA Newsletter

The Aroostook Amateur Radio Association

                                                  October 29, 2018



AARA  Meeting October 4, 2018


Ivan Shapiro, WK1W

Joan Shapiro, W9RLH

Roy Woods, KB1WGN

Tim Duda, KB1POK

Dave Berry, KV1S

Sam Barrett, W5KF

Steve Sandelier, N1NXU

Jason Chasse, KC1HLA

Tammy Deschesne, KB1IGV

Bill Johnson, KC1WLJ

Sonny Packard, K1VOR

Colton Harding, KC1ECX

Dina Harding, KC1ECW

Darius Haskell, WM1F

Dawn Coffin, KAV1KC

Michelle Sandelier, XYL

David Deschesne, KB1EBG

Mike Lawler, K0LDO

Call to Order:  18:47

Introduction of members and guests

Treasurer’s Report:  September income was interest 34 cents.  Total $4,174.51?

Secretary’s Report:  motion to accept minutes Tammy; second by Sam; motion passed unanimous

EM-COM –  ARES team started back up in September.  11 members present.  Forestry did presentation.  Good speakers lined up this year.  ARRL will be present; State Police; local Fire Depts.  to discuss how ARES could help them.  National ARES program being upgraded to ARES-Connect with more connectivity between county teams.  Local ARES still at 25 members.  Big event coming up Oct 27.  Keeping EOC and hospital radios maintained and checked.

Field Day:  Michelle reports facilities were excellent.  Next year should look into better signage.

Public Information Officer:  nothing to report

Officer Recruitment:  Sam:  only received less than a “handful” of responses regarding recruitment of new officers.  Pres. Shapiro says Sam is doing due diligence on planning six months in advance of elections in finding new members.


WAIYNZ Scotty is in Maine veterans home, Caribou with fractured hip.  Roy says he’s doing well and ready for visitors.  Request Secretary send “Get Well” card on behalf of club.   Dina Suggested keeping a small inventory of cards in Secretary’s case so club can sign prior to mailing out.  Tammy KB1EBG has cards she’s willing to donate to club.

Boyd Spencer, Public Safety Officer, moving to Virginia.  Club will need new safety officer.  Will send out announcement prior to next meeting, will entertain nominations at next meeting.

Elmer program:  List of Elmers on with their areas of expertise and willingness to advise Hams.

We have potential treasure trove of educational programs that may go on at the meeting.  Perhaps could produce videos and post online.

Looking for more Amateur Radio related programs.  Don’t need to be, but would be good if they could.

 New Business:  Christmas party.  Bonfire, cookie exchange.  Casual dress.  Dec. 15 6:30 pm at Cerrato ranch, Caribou.

Steve N1NXU looking for info from Dwayne Dow re: Available date for Harvest Supper.  Nothing yet confirmed as of this meeting date.

Old Business:  none

Meeting Adjourned: 19:08 EST

Yummy refreshments and coffee thanks to Joan, W9RLH, the coffee lady.

Presentation by Darius on assembling QRP radio transmitter kits. Thanks Darius.

Respectfully submitted,

David Deschesne, KB1EBG, AARA Secretary


Coming Events:

Mondays 0830 coffee @ Tim Horton’s in PI

Mondays 2000 Aroostook Emergency Net 146.730

Saturdays Breakfast Tim Horton’s P. I. @ 0830

Thursdays coffee/breakfast at Teresa’s in PI, 8:45

November 1st. at 6:30 PM AARA meeting.

AARA Christmas Party: December 15th.


AARA meeting:

AARA November meeting is Thursday November 1st. 6:30 PM at the PI Library.

Our safety officer, Boyd Spencer KC1DRX, has moved to West Virginia and tendered his resignation.
Therefore, we need a safety officer. Nominations accepted at the November meeting. Election next meeting.  Program: TBD.

Skywarn classes:

The National Weather Service in Caribou will be offering 5 winter weather training sessions this fall.  If you have not taken a winter course, please consider doing so. There are 3 in-person courses (Calais, Caribou, and Bangor) being offered as well as 2 online courses, in which you only need a computer with internet access to participate.

To view the training sessions please go to the following link for specific details:

Thank you,
Priscilla Farrar
Lead Forecaster




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